Signing Off

September 27, 2011

Well… it’s been a ride.

I knew this moment would come from Day 1. But this will be my last post on In Retrospect.

Having this blog at my disposal for the past few years has been the most productive thing I’ve ever done with a computer. Except for porn. No, including porn.

I had so many thoughts stuck up in my head throughout the first 18 years of my life. Having an excuse to get SO much off of my chest was more therapeutic than you can imagine, even if it was sometimes “durr I like video games” or “derrr look what I drew in math class!”

Honestly, this website has been beyond meaningful to me. It became a piece of my identity, and to an extent it always will be. I’m proud that I was able to keep it relatively free of teenage angst, because the things I’ve posted in this journal really come from the deepest parts of my soul. Even the stupid stuff. Stupid is a part of everyone, and I’m happy that I got to share some of my stupid with you, my few but precious readers.

I knew it was time to hit the old dusty trail when I felt like I hadn’t posted in a year. In truth it has been 7 months since the last time, in which I promised a link to the student film I was acting in. As fate would have it, the website for that movie has finally just gone public. So without further ado, the 6-part epic that is What Rough Beast. It’s a pretty long film, so unless you’ve got some time to kill, put this one on the to-watch list.

I’m sure that in the future I’ll come back to this website when I’m bored, as I always do, and re-read my old blogs. Egotistical? I would call it nostalgic. I loved writing about my life and my thoughts which I’d never been able to spell out before, and now when I read an old entry I feel that same rush, like I’m living the story again. I sincerely hope that you’ll do the same, and that you’ll continue to be entertained for many years.

So, I guess that’s it. Anything I needed to wrap up? I suppose I should at least give meaning to the name of my blog.

“In retrospect…” is my absolute favorite chunk of the English language. Any opportunity to use the phrase in conversation has always given me a warm and happy feeling, and so when I had to make a name for the journal I was going to keep, I picked that.

My life is only beginning, and because of this blog I feel like I can go into the rest of it without feeling bottled up. There will always be more opinions, more anecdotes, but at least in this stage of my life, I have said all that I needed to say. I am at peace with who I am.

So this is your author, your captain, your friend Mike Cowell… signing off.


Chain Letters

June 11, 2010

I’ve always been a bit of a follower when it comes to internet trends. MySpace, LiveJournal, facebook, YouTube, I’ve had accounts for all the major players in recent history, and took part in all their subsequent internet activities. But one element of the electronic social realm that I’m happy to say I have NEVER been a part of is chain letters.

I saw one today on a random facebook page, and although it pained me to realize that these beasts still exist, I must say it was probably the funniest chain letter I’ve ever read. Here it is:

“Hello. My name is Stacey. I am 15 years old and I am beat up by my parents every night. I have blodshot eyes and moldy hair. I killed my mother. My lips are cut and my nose is broken. This is my story. Every day my parents abuse me by cutting me or just beating me up. Once my mother got mad at me and she taped my mouth shut and locked me in a tiny room with no food and water for 2 days. When she let me out, I strangled her and killed her. The cops came and took me to a mental hospital. I murdered my doctor and some of the other patients and I broke out. While I was running I was shot by a cop and died. BUT I wasn’t done. I came back for one reason, to kill my father that also abused me. If you don’t post this to at least 5 other groups, I will murder you one day this week. Why do I care about this text? Well it warns the non beleivers and my father. You wonder how I am typing this? I am ghost I can control energy, I am capable of typing on a computer by making myself solid. You think I cant find you? I track these done and I will teleport into your room and stand there for 2 hours then stand over your face. You will look right into my souless eyes and I will murder you”

I have to say, for a 15-year-old girl Stacey isn’t very well versed in English. She constantly switches between the past and present tenses when describing her frequent beatings by her parents, who have apparently already been killed? Her spelling isn’t great either; her eyes are blodshot, she’s warning the non beleivers, she is ghost, she tracks these done, and has souless eyes.
Also, she seems to be a very indecisive spirit, as she will murder you “one day this week.” Not any certain day, mind you, just whenever she gets around to it. And once she is in your room she will stand there for 2 hours before murdering you. Why would she do that, to increase the suspense? You can’t get scared if you’re asleep anyways. And just imagine the endurance it would take to stand still in one spot for 2 hours. How boring! What an awful spirit.
Furthermore, her claimed ability to teleport is actually not that impressive. Since a non-matter ghost wouldn’t technically take up space, it could be classified as a form of energy and therefore could easily jump from one spot to another in a seemingly instantaneous amount of time. She’s merely claiming to have the powers of a ghost, which for a ghost isn’t that amazing.
Anyways, clearly the chain letter still thrives and it’s anyone’s guess how. I can’t help but cringe when I see the occasional middle schooler post one on a facebook group. I thought by now such indulgements would have lost their draw? Apparently not. Regardless, please stop spamming my social networks with these creatures. When they aren’t hilarious like this one, they can be quite irksome.