This Last Little Lament

September 27, 2011

Something trivial that will always annoy me: When people grab others’ attention with something that’s supposed to display their emotional or intellectual depth, when in reality the statement they make is completely standard to everyone.

Example 1: When someone gets a tattoo that says “Love”.

What is that all about? Are you trying to show how much you like love, or that love is super important to you? Hmm, well that’s strange… you like love? I didn’t know anyone else did. What is this love anyways? Never heard of it. Maybe if I was more deep and thoughtful like you I could attempt to comprehend why this “love” thing is so great. Golly, I hope that someday the rest of us can understand the meaning behind this word just like you do!

The same goes for things like “Music” or “Friendship”.

Like, oh, I see that you enjoy music. You really must show me your catalog of music sometime! I mean, since you’ve got that tattoo you must enjoy YOUR music much more than I enjoy mine, to the point at which you couldn’t help but get a permanent reminder of that fact!  Really, I wasn’t aware that anybody else liked music. What an interesting tattoo.

Example 2: When someone posts a status on facebook like this one:

“My Confessions #6: I think that you should only say “I Love You” if you truly mean it.” 

That’s inspiring. So you’re saying that you SHOULDN’T lie and tell someone that you love them? You know, I’d never thought about it that way, but you’re right! All my life I’ve been going up to strangers willy nilly and telling them that I love them. On the street? I LOVE YOU! In the bathroom? I LOVE YOU! But now you’ve shown me how wrong I’ve been all these years. Thank you for the wisdom, you stupid fucking girl person. I truly admire your courage; coming out with this confession of yours couldn’t have been easy.

Example 3: Okay so I don’t have a third example in mind, but you get the idea!

I’m not usually one to hate on personal expression, but if you’re visible in the public eye (or on the internet, WHICH IS PUBLIC) and you want to seem intelligent or profound, try to avoid saying things that literally everyone else on Earth isn’t already thinking. Be unique.


The Ladies

June 11, 2010

Although physical appearance plays a key role when it comes to romance, it’s obvious that personality and temperament are paramount to everything else. That being said, this entry will be a completely superficial analysis of physical beauty.

As a guy I find that one can categorize the inherent attractiveness in girls based on three crude adjectives: Pretty, Hot, and Cute. These three categories are entirely equal, none being more attractive than the other, just different. Most girls are a combination of two of these categories, but many could be described by just one or all three.

For example: Girl 1 is Pretty, but Girl 2 is Hot and Cute. However they could easily be of equal attractiveness. The number of categories that describes her does not decide her overall attractiveness, it just describes the kind of attractiveness she possesses.

It’s a little hard to show without imagery, so I’ve constructed a Venn diagram to aid my explanation, using a few celebrities:

Click to view full size

I realize this isn’t scientific or groundbreaking, but it isn’t supposed to be. It’s just something I’ve come to observe, and I felt like sharing my perspective. What are your thoughts?