Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011

2010 is so fresh in my mind, it’s odd how difficult it’s been for me to recall. It’s full of moments from the past 365 days that have already left my short-term memory, but haven’t yet grown old enough to make me nostalgic.

I’m taking some time to look backwards in my life, a year before now, to try to see what’s changed.

1) A year ago today, I was halfway through my first year of college, and I felt like I knew exactly what the college experience was and should be. I considered myself a connoisseur of partying.

2) A year ago today, I was beginning to enter into a meaningful relationship, one in which I would learn a lot about myself that I hadn’t discovered before.

3) A year ago today, I had no solid direction in my education, apart from my advisor’s sage wisdom: “Take physics courses.”

1] Today, I am halfway through my second year of college, and I realize that what I saw in myself a year ago was naive. My experience was one in a million; in fact, just saying that I enjoyed college was a privilege. I was lucky to have had such a positive experience but I wish I hadn’t taken it so for granted. I also know now that drinking $15 vodka, dancing to Ke$ha, then trying not to puke, is actually not most people’s idea of a “crazy party”. To think that I thought I knew the ins-and-outs of my institution makes me feel pretty stupid. In retrospect, I was a total freshman.

2] Today, I am single and very content with that. As much fun as relationships can be, I’m not searching for one right now. I’m just living.

3] Today, I have a better understanding of what I need to do in school in order to become a teacher. I still don’t know many details, but having a definite list of courses I need to fulfill has taken a load off my mind. Thank you very much, education department.

I haven’t changed this year nearly as much as I did when I first came to UMass. I have the same friends, I live the same lifestyle, and of course I’m still blogging. So I guess it all amounted to just finding my place last year.

I think it’s great for people to have a new year’s resolution, so here’s mine:

I promise to myself and to the whole world that I will attain the rank of General in Halo: Reach.



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