In regards to not blogging for a month:

December 21, 2010

I’m sorry :(

I’d love to say that my 30 day absence was due to a combination of working, studying for finals, and family commitments, but none of that would be true. Honestly, I was just being a lazy-ass and I didn’t feel like writing for a while.

So… my bad. Will you forgive me?

Just kidding, your opinion doesn’t matter; only mine does. And I forgive myself. Thank you, self. Anyways, rest assured I’m now starting back up on this blog. I just needed a break from it.

On a related note, I was oddly tempted to get a Tumblr tonight when my unnamed red-haired friend switched over from her original blog on to a new [and better looking (the $50 was worth it)] microblog on Tumblr. I’ve been tempted in the past, and in fact I do have an account on the site, but I only use it to link to this blog. Until now I’ve never seriously considered using my Tumblr account to blog, for fear of my words being drowned out from all the noise of photos of prairies and galaxies. Also, Tumblr tends to break down from time to time while WordPress is constantly functional.

I really like the thin, clean style of WordPress, but at the same time I know that nobody else uses it and as a result less people will end up seeing what I write. So I’m caught between a rock and a hard place; do I try to get more views to my page by using a site that more people will see, at the risk of losing those readers’ interest by putting my lengthy paragraphs next to distracting pictures?

I really don’t know.

What the hell, I’ll try it and see how it makes me feel.


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