Cause You Had a Bad Day

November 22, 2010

While mood swings are stereotypically attributed to pregnant women and to girls on their periods (in which case I like to call them “doom swings”) I’m not immune to having my own periods (wow a pun in the first sentence, good job me) of teenage angst.

I’m a pretty happy person; I let things slide off my back and it’s very rare that I let any irritation bother me. You’ll almost never catch me in a bad mood. However there is an exception, and its nature eludes me.

Yesterday was an average Saturday; I slept in until 12, went to lunch, did a bit of homework, listened to music, went to dinner, showered, put new clothes on and partied with my friends. It was a good day and a great night.

This morning, however, was ass. I woke up feeling gross, I had a headache and awful morning breath, and everyone had gone to breakfast without me, so I quickly fell got out of bed and had to throw on whatever clothes I could find before walking down to the dining hall, in the cold, by myself. When I finally got inside I was so out of it that I swore I was still dreaming. I walked into four different people while navigating to find our table, and instead of giving them the standard “Oh sorry!” I walked right past them silently as if they weren’t there, unable to will myself to speak. I couldn’t remember what people were supposed to eat for breakfast so I just got steak and pepperoni pizza, adding some blue Powerade to help cure my ailing “headache”. Everyone at the table was talking, but I couldn’t form words or contribute to the conversation. My dream-like feeling lingered. After lunch when I was back in my room I tried to improve my mood in the usual way, by mercilessly slaughtering the Covenant armada.

And then, when even Halo couldn’t cheer me up, I knew it was going to be one of those days.

Despite my overall record of sweet dispositions (hi Jess) once every month or so I’ll have a day where I just absolutely cannot get happy. Today was one of those days. Granted it was one of the lighter bad mood days I’ve had, like a 5 out of 10. But believe me, I’ve had 10’s.

I may have encountered some minor disappointments before breakfast, but honestly I felt like shit the moment I woke up. Those little things just piled extra weight on my already sinking attitude. On any other day they would’ve seemed like nothing to me, but on this specific day, the fact that everyone had left for breakfast without me made me feel worthless. I told myself to get over it, but of course there was no escaping the inevitable terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day that lay before me.

The hours dragged on much in the ways I thought they would, every little out-of-place thing irking me and firing the neurons in my brain that control baby-punching.

It took me a full 12 hours to get over my bad mood; a mixed prescription of music and texting finally brought me around. But this bad day was only a 5, and it made me hate everything. I’m worried that the next one will be the perfect storm and I’ll do something terrible, like call someone an asshole.

I’d feel so bad if I called someone an asshole.


One Response to “Cause You Had a Bad Day”

  1. Call me an asshole. I love it when you talk dirty to me.

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