Headphones: On

November 8, 2010

Like many other people my age, music is very personal to me. I might not read into every lyric, and I may not know the names of each member of every band that I like, but the music is very important to me nonetheless.

My interest is usually in the sound of the music itself and not the lyrics, though I do love to find a song in which I can enjoy both. When I discover a song with great lyrics that matches the sound I’m hooked.

I tend to only listen to music when I’m alone. As much as I love dancing around to Ke$ha or Pitbull or whatever the party tunes of the month are, when it comes to actually decent music I don’t like listening to it with anyone else because of how personal it is for me. Sharing music that I love with someone else feels great, but I’m always reluctant to do so out of fear that they’ll try to judge or analyze me based on what I listen to. I’d rather put a good pair of headphones on and enjoy it myself without worrying about having to play something that everyone likes.

Sorry this was short, I just wanted to get it out.


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