Dorm evolves into… House!

November 4, 2010

I’ve lived in a dorm for almost three semesters now, and regardless of whether or not I get tired of it, I know I’ll only be doing it for one more. A while back my roommate convinced me to get an off-campus house with him and a few of our friends for Junior year, and as the deadline for picking a house and putting down a deposit draws closer I’m getting more and more excited and more and more nervous.

I’ve honestly really enjoyed living in a dorm. There are downsides, but in my experience they’ve been few and negligible. The only issues I’ve ever taken with dorm life is having to deal with noise from certain rooms (our next-door-neighbors last year) and using public bathrooms.


Okay, maybe the toilet is an exaggeration.


But the noise is no longer a problem, and I can deal with the occasional less-than-spotless stall.

The benefits of dorm life include the social aspect of being around lots of different people (which I love, even when I don’t talk to them) and also the convenience of being close to everything on campus. Nothing is more than a 20 minute walk from my dorm, and although I do want to have my own space and be free as a bird, I know that when I go off campus that 20 minute walk is going to turn into a 20 minute drive, which equals 40 minutes worth of gas every single day. That combined with having to shop for my own groceries might make it seem like I’d be spending an obstruse amount of money. Yea I made that word up. Want to fight about it? No, you don’t. Sit down.

Actually I just looked up fees for on-campus dorm rates and it looks like it currently costs me $4672 per year to live in my dorm. Some of the off-campus houses we’re looking at are in the range of $1500/month, but that’s for an entire house which can have 4 people, meaning with utilities it would cost me somewhere around $400/month, or approximately $3600/year. So if I’m lucky and the rent ends up really being that low I’ll be paying slightly less than I do now, though of course with the added privacy and freedom of a house.

As of right now it’s just me, my roommate, and our friend who will be living together. We’re looking for 3-person houses, but if we find a good 4 or 5-person house we won’t hesitate to try and find people to fill those spots. If you’re a good friend of mine and you’re thinking about living off campus next year, let me know, and if something comes up I’ll contact you about it. Holla!


2 Responses to “Dorm evolves into… House!”

  1. If I don’t become an RA I will live in Slamherst with you and commute to Lowell forever.

  2. tor said


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