September 7, 2010

For the record, I’m blogging in the midst of extreme tiredness. This post might make no sense, like Shakespeare.

So far life in Grayson is looking good.

For all it was, Butterfield was a great freshman dorm; it was a small community, perfect for meeting people who were eager to be meeting people. A confidence booster.

Grayson is different. Lots of people, no chance of meeting everyone, identical rooms. A much more anonymous experience, which is fine since everyone pretty much has their own small friend group to fall back on from freshman year. I can count my close friends on one hand, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ve already met lots of funny people today (I don’t remember any of their names. I’m awful with names) and I’m sure we’ll add more to our group before long.

Freshman year started out slow for me. I didn’t really enjoy the first month or so because apart from my roommate none of the people I hung out with fit me. Not that they weren’t good people, there are just certain personalities that don’t mesh well, and we definitely did not mesh. When I met people who were like me things turned around, and the year was great from then on.

The fact that I’m so satisfied with this year already gives me hope.

Also, my room this year is much more space-efficient. Last year it was all like “PUT YOUR SHIT EVERYWHERE AND FREAK OUT, EVERYTHING BLOCKS EVERYTHING ELSE, FUCK YOUUU!” and this year it’s all like “Hello I am your room, would you like me to organize all your shit for you perfectly? Shall I shine your shoes? Back rub?”

701 gives great back rubs.


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