The Height Advantage

July 27, 2010

Although it rarely crosses my mind, I consider myself to be a pretty tall guy. Not ridiculously tall, but taller than the average adult male. As of right now I’m 6’1/2″, and I’m usually the tallest person in the room.

I sprouted earlier than anyone else in middle school, reaching 5 feet long before my classmates.

I think it’s because of my height that I was never bullied in middle school, being that I was a completely anti-social nerd with zero friends. Nobody tried to mess with me, not because I was strong or stood up for myself, but because I was simply larger than everyone around me. This continued through highschool into the present day. Apart from just being able to reach things that no one else can, which is awesome, on a subconscious level being tall is a sign of great strength and knowledge. Obviously being tall doesn’t make you strong or smart, but first impressions often result in taller people being seen as leaders of their friends. It’s science, trust me!

I discovered only last year that most of my guy friends have met or surpassed me in height, but this is a recent development, and I think the fact that I sprouted first gave me confidence and saved me from possible ridicule from my middle school peers, for which I’m very very grateful.

Viva La Top Shelf!


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