Responses I: Friends

July 18, 2010

“Who do you think you decided to become friends with people you are friends with?”

This question is awkwardly worded so I’m not sure how to answer it. I’m going to assume you meant “Out of all your friends, which did you consciously decided to become friends with?”

I never consciously decide to befriend anybody. I generally like everyone I meet (unless they give me reason not to) so if I see a person frequently enough we’re very likely to become friends. There are times when I’ll try to hang out with certain people strategically, like say, friends of someone I’m romantically interested in, but I don’t try to become their friend just for that reason. It would only be if they were already my friends. Did that make sense?

“How do you really feel about them?”

I really like them, for realz! I don’t become friends with somebody if I don’t like them, so naturally if I hang out with the same people over and over again that means I like them a lot! If I really didn’t like somebody I wouldn’t put myself into situations where I was around them.

“Qualities you look for in friends in order to keep them?”

This one took a lot of thought. My very best friends that I’ll keep with me forever are enthusiastic, have a sense of humor, and are just a little bit nerdy in their own way. Bonus points if they are musically oriented so I can sing songs with them.


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