Employment III

July 11, 2010

I just finished my first real shift as a server at Outback. Servers get 3 tables at a time, but in your first week you’re only given 2. By the end of the night I’d only served 5 tables, and had made about $50 in tips. It’s hard for me to tell, with it being my first day and all, but that doesn’t seem like very much money. I’m fairly certain all my tables tipped at least 15%, which should have equaled at least $75. What’s most likely the problem is that I did something wrong in the computers when I was entering in checks and tips.

The computer system is surprisingly complicated, especially the screens for paying checks. I’m sure it makes perfect sense to everyone who works there, but it certainly isn’t straightforward to me. There’s no prompt for what you’re supposed to do next, so if you don’t know which button to press you’re left guessing. This happened tonight, and since I seem to have shorted myself $25 by doing something wrong I made even less money than I would have made from serving the low amount of tables I had.

This job is physically possible to do, and that’s all the credit I’d give it. It’s an extremely high-stress environment. There’s so much information I have to keep memorized, the slightest error takes 15 minutes to correct and pisses everyone off, and you never know if you’re going to make a decent amount of money.

But… I have a job. So I’m grateful.


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