Oh My, God

July 6, 2010

I’m not religious at all, having no solid beliefs on life or what comes after. Generally I consider myself to be Agnostic. Here’s why: 

The core of deity-based religion, what makes it legitimate by its own rules, is unquestioned faith in a divine spirit of some kind. A follower of a certain religion requires no evidence of their God, only faith in its existance. However, if one were to find tangible evidence of this God, then by the religion’s own principles the religion would be untrue and false.

In lamen’s terms: If you prove that God exists, you have equally proved that God does not exist, since the religion is based on belief, not evidence.

This paradox led me to such odds with how to interpret the universe that one day I just decided that I didn’t care. I accepted that God (the western God I was raised with) was either real or wasn’t real. Either way, I was going to live my life and try to enjoy every second of it.

So that’s where I am now. I’m always happier when I make other people happy, and with enough good karma I don’t think any loving deity would turn me away simply because I didn’t adhere to its specific religion. Especially since there are so many different ones around the world. What if the correct religion is only followed by 30 people in China? How was I supposed to follow that religion if I had no knowledge of it? Would their God punish me for that?

I figure I’m safe no matter what. If there is a God, I assume that after having done enough good deeds (which I’ll do regardless) I can gain passage into whatever paradise awaits. If not, then I’ll enjoy the satisfaction of having lived my life to the fullest and made people happy, and as I float unaware of myself in my eternal nothingness I will be at peace.


2 Responses to “Oh My, God”

  1. Nicole Reynolds said

    Very insightful, Mr. Cowell. I believe that I feel the same way.

  2. tcons said

    tres interessant

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