June 21, 2010

I just finished my first day of training to be a server at the Outback Steakhouse in Bellingham. The Cowell Dynasty is now 3-strong.

My training consists of three initial classes and workshops in the restaurant, then four days of observation and training on the job. Today was my first class, and a manager spent an hour or two going into great detail about every item on the menu.

I never realized until today how large a variety of food and drinks there are at Outback. To become a server I need to memorize the whole menu, as well as the abbreviations for every individual item, and a description of how each is cooked or prepared. Not an easy task considering the food menu alone has about a hundred items, and I’ve never worked with food before so I don’t know what half of the spices and garnishes are.

I feel like studying for this menu test will be much like studying for a history exam, one where you have to memorize a hundred events, the people who took part in them, and then list their effects on society. That’s pretty harsh for someone like me; I was always terrible at memorizing things in history classes. But I’ll pull through. Here I come, index cards.

G’Day, Mate!


One Response to “Employment”

  1. Tor said

    YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

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