But What of the Children?

June 8, 2010

The town of Bellingham and its neighbors are not at all concerned with accommodating the high school/college age demographic.

My evidence for this claim comes from the fact that I have been home from school for almost an entire month, and anything fun that I’ve taken part in since then has occurred outside my town. I visited college friends, and I went to the beach. That’s about it, and neither were in Bellingham or even nearby. Everything else I’ve done has either been sitting in my friends’ backyards around a fire pit, or driving around town with them trying to find something to do, always to no avail.

The only things in my area that I could possibly see being aimed at my age group is the Regal movie theatre, the Pinz bowling alley, and Gamestop. That’s three things, in a town comprised entirely of huge plazas. Not a great ratio. Even so, none of these three things are specifically designed with teenagers in mind; they’re just teenager friendly. And they’re all expensive, which definitely does not appeal to the college demographic.

There are only so many times in a row you can make “doing nothing” fun. If there’s any undeveloped space left in our town I’d really appreciate those in charge building something I could take part in. Please, not another Dunkin Donuts.

And no, a comic book store doesn’t count. Why would you even think that?


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