June 6, 2010

First of all, I’d like to give my fullest congratulations to the class of 2010. No other class can say that they graduated one year after the class of ’09. Hale yes!

While watching my senior friends get their diplomas at Friday’s ceremony, I remembered my own commencement 1 year ago (yesterday marked the anniversary) and considered how far I’ve come as a person since that day. A lot has changed, and yet everything has stayed the same. Yea… it’s one of those thingys. Get ready.

Before my graduation day I lived my life as two people, if you’ll allow me the metaphor (and you will, because it’s my blog bitch.) We’ll refer to them as Mike A and Mike B.

Mike A was a loud and sometimes obnoxious attention whore who couldn’t speak without cracking a joke, rarely taking anything seriously. BHS was his home, although he’d occasionally make his way to friends’ houses, movie theatres, and restaurants. A lovable idiot to be sure, but never truly connecting with his friends on a personal level.

Mike B was a thoughtful, soft-spoken, caring person. He couldn’t make a joke if he tried, but he never felt the need to anyways. He gave advice, shared very personal stories, and kept secrets in return. His home was the house of his closest friend, but as the months went by she convinced him to make his way slowly into the rest of the world. He connected at the deepest levels with the people he would become attached to.

Both lived in complete solitude from the other. They visited different places, spent time with very different people, and if they’d been introduced they probably wouldn’t have liked each other at all.

But on my graduation day I noticed the two beginning to cooperate. Mike A started talking to Mike B’s friends a little more, and Mike B began to open up to Mike A’s friends. The summer that followed turned out to be the best I’d ever had, not because I was done with high school or had more freedom or did more fun things, but because I was beginning to live as one person. It was an indescribable feeling of liberation.

And as soon as I got to college, where everyone gets a clean slate, Mike A and Mike B finally sorted their shit out and decided to be friends. Much in the same way that Goku and Vegeta combined to become Vegito, Mike A and Mike B combined to become Mike C (get it? Mike C? heh) a happy medium between the two poles. Mike C could have fun and prance around, but continued to make close bonds with his friends and discovered more about them every day. He is still at large.

I’ve clearly changed internally, but now back at home nothing has changed at all. So have I made progress in one year? Most definitely.

And I’m not crazy.


One Response to “Gradumacation”

  1. tcons said

    Aww, this brought me back to 4am talks at the c-stone, so insightful! I love Mike C!


    Love Tor

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