June 1, 2010

While speaking to my dear friend Tori I was reminded of one of my several weaknesses. While I think of myself as a good listener, I do occasionally exhibit signs of having slightly diminished hearing and a slightly quirky attention span. When combined, these two miniscule handicaps can sometimes lead to my first reply to anything being “What?”

A lot of people are very put off when they have to repeat their sentence, and being in the same situation with my parents on a daily basis I completely understand the frustration. But you people need to know something… I didn’t fucking hear you. It’s not my fault you were mumbling or spoke too fast and slurred your words and audio-vomit came out of your mouth hole! So stop being a baby and just repeat your goddamn sentence. Jesus Christ.

Haha okay I’m not really upset. But seriously, next time you’re talking to somebody and they say “what” don’t hassle them. It’s not their fault! Or maybe it is, but be nice to them anyways.


One Response to “What?”

  1. Jojo said

    Can I say that I love this specific post. Everyone gets annoyed at me when I say what. Lol.

    And yes I have now read your blog, but I thought you were gonna do a vlog :( I was looking forward to not having to read hahaha, I’m a lazy bum like that…

    Don’t worry, I’ll try to read your blog every once in a while, but unfortunately I have a job and a busy life :(

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